Aaaaa so the wig I ordered arrived today and yeah it was very much like the pics let me believe, the fiber’s pretty slippery and glossy but that can be taken care of, it’s also very light which is a good thing since I have to tie part of it behind with a clip or whatever I’m going to use for it. Color’s nice too since Kili’s hair is obviously not black but brown ajsbhdjhdbs what the hell am I explaining I’m just really pissed about the bangs that had a clean cut and hoW DO I DEAL WITH IT in these pics I turned the wig a bit no my head so that part is .. somewhere there but not in the front ugh I’ll have to do something about it

And yes I have also problems with even drawing Kili and his stubble not to mention doing it with make-up, still working on that

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Posted on January 21st at 2:48 PM
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